Menu 1

  • Filled pastry with meat and cranberry filling
  • Beef goulash with bread dumplings
  • Chocolate muffins with liqueur



Menu 2

  • Bean soup
  • Pork steak with mushrooms, rice
  • Cake with fruit


Menu 3

  • Beef soup with liver dumplings
  • Chicken schnitzel, traditional potato salad with light mayonnaise
  • Applestrudel with whipped cream


Menu 4

  • Chicken soup with noodles and meat
  • Roast sirlion in cream sauce, cranberries, cream, bread and herbal dumplings
  • Cheesecake with chocolate icing scarf



Menu 5

  • Broccoli soup
  • Pork steak with ham, asparagus and cheese, american potatoes
  • Cottage cheese, plum strudel


Menu 6

  • Onion soup with ham and cheese
  • Chicken steak with green beans and bacon, mashed patotoes 
  • Sponge cake with strawbery jam



Menu 7

  • Potato soup with mushrooms
  • Baked pork Moravian, spinach, potato dumplings
  • Pancake with jam, whipped cream and chocolate sauce


Menu 8

  • Beef vegetable soup with ham gnocchi
  • Old Bohemian roast chicken with stuffing, potatoes with herbs
  • Apple pie

Menu 9

  • Cabbage soup with sausage
  • Hamburger, chips
  • Bavarian donut with jam and cream

Menu 10

  • Garlic soup with croutons
  • Chicken steak in puff pastry, potato puree
  • Cheesecake with chocolate crumb



Hotel Juno